2010 m. rugpjūčio 18 d., trečiadienis

Excel Importer for Express Application Framework (XAF)

One more common situation when working with XAF is that in many cases You usually get a lot of data in Excel SpreadSheets,You need to import to Your New Application.

So instead of writing a separate controller for each different excel file, o forcing people to use some predefined template, here what I came up with.

Wizard Page 1 lets You select Excell 2007 or newer file, select a Sheet that You want to import data from and see a PreView of the Data:

Next You can Map Excel columns to Your object Properties (or Let the Import Wizard try to Guess the mappings)

And See the progress of data import that is done in a separate thread.

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  1. Great job. Wanna share the source?

  2. I'm working with Apostolis on including it in the http://www.expandframework.com/

    Thing is, that I'm using my Own base object, and it needs some work to work with XPBaseObject. Hopefully it will be available to the public in next few months.

  3. Atsakymai
    1. I think it's not implemented completely, so if I remember correctly - it does not work

  4. Where i get sourceCode.


    1. http://www.expandframework.com/