2010 m. rugpjūčio 16 d., pirmadienis

Co2 Emission calculator

This is a small tool that I did according specific client requirements.
Tool is based on the "Carbon Footprint" method, which gives magnitudes, not the exact figures, of the carbon emission linked to the activity of a company, taking into account electricity production, transportation, raw material production, waste treatment, etc.
The objective was to supply the company with recommendations to mitigate Greenhouse Gas emissions at lowest cost.

Key features of the software:
  • Portable (single executable)
    • Doesn't require .Net framework 3.5 or SQL engine to be installed on the client machine, though both are being used by the software (which is fantastic for the developer and the customer)
    • Can be run by lowest privilege user on a Windows PC (doesn't require elevated privileges)
  • Lightweight (all the software with SQL and .Net 3.5 framework embedded inside the executable - weighs only ~60Mb)
  • Rich and Intuitive User Experience (DevExpress components)
  • MultiLanguage interface
Technology used:
  • ORM (XPO and Entity Framework)
  • Application Virtualization (XenoCode)

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