2011 m. gegužės 24 d., antradienis

Excel Import Wizard Demo from eXpandFramework

Here's a short video on how Excel import wizard that I've recently published to eXpandFramework works :)

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  1. Latest source with this functionality can be download`ed from here : https://github.com/martys/eXpand/commit/b2cb0ec4fb7ee7e5c41b12deb64d14bd7c555a37

    Hope it will be Merged into the main branch during this week.

  2. bug,select exist template ,next action Disenabled.
    how to modify template description?
    how to download suorce?

  3. Download here : https://github.com/martys/eXpand/commit/73811af6a6b897b0345b6f15db77c7d6b4b5e7c7

    and the "Existing Template" - yes it's an issue to be fixed. The functionality to save mapping is not working at the moment, and it a low priority bug so far.

  4. I have a idea that First use template name mapping View's caption,if can find template by View's caption then wizardPage3 and use default setting header row checked and sheet1 ,or not welcomeWizardPage1,when importing data.in order to improve work efficiency,what do you think?

  5. Hi Anonymous :) I think it's possible to set the "Header Row" = true by default, but I didn't really catch what You mean by using the Template first...

    I've Set Up a discussion in the forum to continue our discussion there.

    Feel free to join and if You have some more ideas You're always welcome to contribute. It's an open source project :)

  6. Forum is here : http://expandframework.com/forum/8-discussion/814-excel-importer-features.html